Explorations in Transformed Places/Spaces

Altered Landscapes is a site dedicated to images and ideas related to land and landscapes (interior and exterior), environment and terrain, mapping and cartography, e.g., all things committed to such concerns, urban and rural, real and imaginary. My overall goal is to communicate the enthusiasm I feel for exploring the world of the imagination through the creation of images. I look forward to your comments and questions.

I will be adding images as I create them, or as I pull them from my archives, giving backstories and information about them. They will be mostly my digital or hand-made drawings, or photographic work; and I’ll include galleries from various series.  I’m an advocate of image manipulation and the investigations that are provoked by digging into the nature of the digital terrain. Appearances of images may be very “realistic” or surreal or non-representational or minimal, all depending on the energies at play.


  1. What great imagery! It was great to have you in class this weekend.

  2. Marty Enfield says

    Congratulations on your new blog. I’ll be eager to read additional posts.

  3. Laura Cumming says

    These desert images provide a new dimension for me when I recall the arid landscapes I have explored. Inspiring and certainly thought provoking, this artist is looking far beyond the rocks and sand.

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