What is the Story?

What is the story? How do I begin? I am always seeing even if not looking. These days I’m most interested in strange rock formations or ruins, areas evocative of ancient hidden stories. The landscape is a text. 

I was hiking in the Bisti Wilderness in New Mexico when I made these photographs:

Images like these might become part of the Badlands series, where I begin with photographs made while exploring in the isolated terrain in an almost trance-like state. I record many images, feeling the intensity of the surroundings. Later, I select a few photos and layer them. I make selections randomly in the various layers, cutting out the upper layers. It’s the opposite of collage where one adds material. In this series I pull imagery from underneath. Then I manipulate these selections and make marks using a personal vocabulary I have developed over years of drawing. I also apply various wave filters and other wonderful Photoshop amenities to reveal untold narratives, even though I don’t know what the stories are.

This is a completed imagestory,  Badlands #15:



  1. I love experiencing landscape in a new way, your work makes me think! Thanks!

    • Wow, What size are the finished prints?

    • Leah Siegel says:

      the large “Badlands” images are 24″h. x 36″w. – smaller ones are 20″ x 30″ – some are 12″ x 18″

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