(Mis)Adventures in Wild New Mexico (Part 1)

Homage to Hokusai


Homage to Gauguin

Santa Fe, NM. Saturday, March 5, 2011 started out pretty well. We (V & I) arose at 4:00am MST to drive down to Bernalillo, NM near ABQ. We arrived at our 6:00am MST rendezvous behind a Starbucks on SR550 to meet up with a group of photographer/hikers to head into a BLM-designated BADLANDS outside of Cuba, NM. So far so good. We drove on.

At 8:00am we got to our destination: Mesa de Cuba. For a number of hours, hiking, exploring and photographing were the activities. I was completely absorbed in the magnificence and beauty of this remote area, scouting out photo situations & thinking about what sorts of images I was going to make. (I have spent many hours/days in badlands locations and am quite obsessed with the sort of isolated weird landscapes in these locales.) After a while (hours maybe?) I drifted away from my orientation points. I was lost! There I was –disoriented–in 4500 acres of hoodoos & other surreal formations. I didn’t catch a glimpse of another person. Previously familiar rocks & arroyos suddenly looked totally foreign. I headed somewhat South (?), keeping my ears and eyes on alert — finally I began to hear sporadic car/truck noise—at last I saw a road in the distance & the occasional vehicle. Whew! I crawled through some barbed wire fencing and followed a road (paved, even) until I recognized a small dirt path which I followed for some ways back to our initial starting point.

I was so relieved but also very embarrassed for being so careless.


  1. Melissa White says:

    I Love getting lost in my own town; it wakes me up. But I’m glad you weren’t left out in the wilderness alone!

  2. Leah Siegel says:

    more to follow

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