RE-VISIONS is a series of digital drawings that examines, in 21st century terms and technologies, optical concerns and chromatic dissonances of mid-20th century Op Art.

Run­ through the hyper-dimensionality of Cyberspace, the RE-VISIONS images present illusions of movement and vibration, of hidden images and patterns, of warping and swelling, of the interaction of colors and layers, of alternating and repetitive forms.  They are generated by applying algorithms, wave patterns, and mathematical formulae to complex data sets based on topographic and cartographic imagery– these drawings are a re-visioning of mythic landscapes.


  1. edie gengras says:

    Because I love color and patterns I feel especially connected to Re-Visions. But in total, from the website, your work has great variation and depth – expressing a wide range of emotional reactions.

    Now we have to come back to Santa Fe to see your work in a show!

    • Leah Siegel says:

      Thanks for checking out my work & new site – the Re-Visions is still in process, so i’m especially glad to get your feedback.
      Wonderful to see you & that you were so taken with Santa Fe.

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