About Leah

Leah in Bisti Badlands

Leah Siegel is an artist and photographer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has produced work in film, video, photography and digital media, and has been exhibiting her drawings and photography since the 1980s.

Much of the material on this site was inspired/developed while Leah was hiking/exploring in the Southwestern US, Northern New Jersey, Finland, and in the far reaches of consciousness.

.  .  . My work is an ongoing exploration into unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity. Whether dealing with surface topography or interiors of the body or imaginary spaces, I employ various mapping, marking, drawing and imaging techniques, often referring to visual equivalents of software program models. I frequently (though not always) use these methods to shake images loose from their referents, so that instead of remaining in the realm of certainty of “You are here,” my investigations shift the inquiry to “Where are You?”.  .  .  .  .  .


Addendum: This site was originally called: ALTERED LANDSCAPES.

ALTERED LANDSCAPES implies an intervention, be it photographic, digital, or simply observational. It may even be a redundant term as “landscape” is a cultural construct, an alteration of “Nature.”

I adopt all of the above and more. The moment I think of “Nature” I have changed something outside of myself, or so I think. When I am a spectator of it all, then I see the “altered” “landscapes”. But when I am in the flow of life, then I don’t. So is this all about the disconnect?