Leah’s New Works at Chiaroscuro

Leah's New Aluminum Works at Chiaroscuro
Leah’s New Aluminum Works at Chiaroscuro

On View: digital drawings & abiquiu photographs

Golden Clouds Dark Blue Sky

Golden Clouds Dark Blue Sky, Abiquiu, NM


Pink Sky Chartreuse Cliffs, Abiquiu, NM

Pink Sky Chartreuse Cliffs, Abiquiu, NM

Transform, #102

Transform, #102


Transform, #52

Transform, #52


On View & For Sale: digital drawings & abiquiu photographs by Leah Siegel



  Cafe Cafe, Italian Trattoria

  500 Sandoval, Santa Fe, NM 87501

  tel. 505.466.1391

  Tuesday thru Sunday

New Aluminum Drawing by Leah Siegel at Chiaroscuro Contemporary


Re-Vision #25d

Re-Vision #25d, 2013, digital drawing, pigments infused into aluminum

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Chiaroscuro Contemporary has added Re-Vision #25d, a new aluminum drawing by Leah Siegel,

to her digital work currently on view at the gallery.

Spring Thaw opens Friday, March 28, 2014

Re-Vision #8

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Digital drawings by Leah Siegel @ Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art

Re-Vision #9, 2012, digital drawing on aluminum

Re-Vision #9, 2012, digital drawing on aluminum

Leah Siegel’s recent digital drawings represented by

Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM.

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leah in “spring thaw” exhibition


Re-Vision #17 detail, 2013, digital drawing infused into aluminum

Re-Vision #17 (detail), 2013, digital drawing, pigments infused into aluminum

Leah Siegel in

“spring thaw” exhibition

March 28 – April 26, 2014

Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art

702 1/2 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

Opening  Reception: Friday, March 28, 2014     5:00 – 7:00 pm



searching in the shadowlands

During the 1980s I spent 5-6 years photographing in the industrial wastelands of Northern New Jersey. I was obsessed with going into these harsh, ruined environments to make images of abandonment and corrosion that represented human estrangement from the natural world. My fascination had begun in childhood growing up in New England near 19th century warehouses and mills where women and men had worked tirelessly with technologies developed to harness Nature in the name of progress.  More than 20 years later I began re-examining those sharp black-and-white images and found myself looking beyond the precise details of the photos, moving into a vague dreamlike landscape that retained ghostly silver traces of what once existed. A mythic terrain had been revealed. A world behind a world had been exposed. Revisiting and re-imaging the photographs has given them a different objective. I am using the older photographs to create a different body of topographic work, obscured, murky and stained with a blood-reddish rust-colored tone. Perhaps I had been searching for this shadowland all along, this mythic world beneath the detailed surfaces of rivers and wetlands and bridges and factories. The dark new images offer access to that Other territory. Do these erasures of civilization mean a reclamation of archaic origins?

transform: exploring the unrest occurring in a mythic landscape

transform is a series of non-objective digital drawings that explore the unrest occurring in a mythic landscape where amorphous shapes, obscure marks and swirling currents emerge from profound space. These images are maps of instability, energy charts from the digital terrain.



shades of abiquiu

secrecy, mystery and stupendous beauty. the land is not what it appears to be.

turbulence: shimmering images, windy gusts, churning waters

turbulence: digital drawings that provoke curious musings.


We stared at shimmering images rising off the desert floor. . .


We played a round of golf, hitting the balls as far as possible, despite the fact that we were hampered by the gusts of wind blowing against us across the rough terrain, our hearts beating rapidly from the exertion . . . 


We caught sight of a plane passing overhead flying unsteadily in the blustery weather. . .


Later we rested along the riverbank watching the water churning around the rocks. . .


And while considering this, we gazed at the smoke rising lazily from our cigarettes. . .