Badlands @ NM Showcase Exhibition 2012 @ 516Arts


NM Showcase Exhibition 2012 Opening Reception at 516Arts Gallery @ 516 Central Avenue, ABQ, NM.  Show curated by Peter Frank.    

Exhibition continues through April 28, 2012. Go see it.

Badlands #6b

Check out event photos and see my Badlands #6 …….

(that’s not me in front of the piece)

Devil’s Throne

















cave formation


















After the Fire: Las Conchas, Los Alamos, Bandelier, Valles Caldera

 Bunker 16-1415

 (post under construction………………………….)


Drove up to Los Alamos and on to Bandelier and the

Valles Caldera. First time since the enormous

Las Conchas fire.

entering area 

Vast numbers of trees standing with their lower branches red and their upper branches green while the trunks were all blackened. Lots of evidence of flooding.



 trees w scorch


driving by trees 


Difficult to decipher which segment of forest was burnt from this most recent fire and which areas were burned from earlier conflagrations.


what are the limits

burnt tree




In Search of the Elsewhere (2)

Always a dream to be in the Elsewhere

Away from the suffocation of the City


I had been a spectator

my Life floated by

a film unspooling before my eyes


I held my breath



copyright Lsiegel 2011



I moved West


at last! the Elsewhere


Was I escaping Reality?


Easy to become
enmeshed in this overwhelming beauty


more difficult to



copyright Lsiegel 2011


This Western-ness is not a final destination

but an ongoing

a state of mind

a vision for the future



copyright Lsiegel 2011



This is the Elsewhere
the realm of possibility



copyright Lsiegel 2011






In Search of the Elsewhere

Musings on a state of mind……….The Elsewhere.

Working on “Re-Visions“, a new series of drawings

Writing about the Elsewhere, a revised perspective (or not)

Re-designing Altered Landscapes site


Re-Visions #7e squares

Re-Visions #7e

Las Conchas Fire Keeps on Burning

5 Hot Tips for Photographing in the Landscape

As a photographer & artist, I read the landscape,

whether wild or over-civilized, as a text.

As the visualized master narrative.


Here are 5 essential tips to follow when photographing in the unnatural and/or natural world:




1. Wander. Roam.

2. Daydream. Meditate.

3. De-Focus. With eyes wide open.

4. Get lost. Lose your Self.

5. Think “BIOSPHERE”. It’s all about consciousness.


Exploring an Altered Landscape

Road Trip. To CO.

Durango & nearby Mesa Verde


A windy damp gray day – good time for a visit to a national park since there were only about 5 other 21st century people there.

Early inhabitants.

Wild horses.

I had not been to Mesa Verde in over a decade, way before devastating fires had transformed thousands of acres of trees, grasses, ancient structures.

These images of the altered landscape, so different from the last time I was there.

(Mis)Adventures in Wild New Mexico (Part 2)

After a meal in Cuba, we decide to drive back to Santa Fe by going through the mountains to Los Alamos – a long but very scenic winding route in warmer weather- and uncertain in Winter. In fact, much of it is closed during cold snowy weather. As we drive, the sun is shining, although it is rather cold and windy, and the snow drifts get higher by the mile; we have not passed a single farm or building for at least 10 miles. We reach a cattle guard with a sign warning that there might be difficulties ahead. We stop to consider our options.  At that moment a couple appears on foot from the opposite direction – the woman is extremely pregnant; the man is carrying a very young child; they have a large dog on a leash. They wave their arms at us to tell us their car has gone off a dirt road into the snow about a mile or so down the hill. 

We devise a temporary plan. V. drives in his truck down to the site with the other guy to assess their situation; the woman and her very adorable little daughter and I remain at the turnoff where we are to flag down any other cars/trucks for assistance. Time passes, and we begin to get edgy. Our cell phones don’t work up here. There is no traffic. Finally a truck with two guys and three huge black labs stops – they say “No problem, we have a winch and shovels.” Off they go.


We wait. Nothing.

Another ½ hour passes when aSubaru 4WD station wagon comes along with an elderly couple in it; they stop; we tell them the problem; the man says he’ll go check it out and will report back to us. Great.

We wait. Nothing.

And it is getting colder and cloudy now. The sun has disappeared.

The child is screaming.

A long wait, & then a guy driving an open flatbed truck full of hay bales pulls up. He says he’ll check it out.

More waiting.


Finally, after another eternity, V. appears in his truck and has a very serious look on his face. All the vehicles have driven in over ½ mile; V.’s  truck and the hay bale truck have had to back out; the other two vehicles have gone off the road into the snow banks in their attempts to help. Everyone has been helping get everyone else out. But it has not been a success. And the snow is getting softer. Will people have to wait till night till the temperature drops?

We pile into V’s truck and barrel down the hill to the site.

About 3 hours later & everyone has backed out. It has been a real ordeal, tho’ quite a bonding experience. 

The ones having the best time were the 4 dogs–leaping and prancing and pulling on branches and barking.


    Then it was time for everyone to go home.


(Mis)Adventures in Wild New Mexico (Part 1)

Homage to Hokusai


Homage to Gauguin

Santa Fe, NM. Saturday, March 5, 2011 started out pretty well. We (V & I) arose at 4:00am MST to drive down to Bernalillo, NM near ABQ. We arrived at our 6:00am MST rendezvous behind a Starbucks on SR550 to meet up with a group of photographer/hikers to head into a BLM-designated BADLANDS outside of Cuba, NM. So far so good. We drove on.

At 8:00am we got to our destination: Mesa de Cuba. For a number of hours, hiking, exploring and photographing were the activities. I was completely absorbed in the magnificence and beauty of this remote area, scouting out photo situations & thinking about what sorts of images I was going to make. (I have spent many hours/days in badlands locations and am quite obsessed with the sort of isolated weird landscapes in these locales.) After a while (hours maybe?) I drifted away from my orientation points. I was lost! There I was –disoriented–in 4500 acres of hoodoos & other surreal formations. I didn’t catch a glimpse of another person. Previously familiar rocks & arroyos suddenly looked totally foreign. I headed somewhat South (?), keeping my ears and eyes on alert — finally I began to hear sporadic car/truck noise—at last I saw a road in the distance & the occasional vehicle. Whew! I crawled through some barbed wire fencing and followed a road (paved, even) until I recognized a small dirt path which I followed for some ways back to our initial starting point.

I was so relieved but also very embarrassed for being so careless.